Austin 48V Double Battery

Austin 48V Dual Battery. Never run out of a charge. The Austin Double E-Bike lets you travel distances up to 85 km on one charge. The double battery pack allows you to travel further at less than a penny per kilometer. Everything that you could ever desire in an e-bike is available with the Austin Double: 500W motor, digital speedo and odometer, dual hydraulic disc brakes, LED lights for better visibility at night, 2-48V lead acid battery, 3 speed modes to increase range, loading capacity of 330lbs, long distance and inexpensive to charge. What could be better? Look good, feel good, do good. The perfect e-bike for the perfect price. Fully loaded with a deluxe tool kit with pump and repair kit, rain poncho to cover the rider and the bike when it rains, ebike plate, bottle with bottle holder and cell phone holder!


Motor Power: 500W
Battery: 48V 20AH + 48V 14AH
Battery type: Sealed lead acid
Battery life: 300 charges
Brakes: hydraulic disc (front / rear)
Charger type: 48V-1.8AH
Charger input: 110V - 240V
Charging time: 6 - 8 hours
Max Speed: up to 32 km/h
Range: up to 80 km
Max load: 150 kg
Net weight: 65 kg
Gross weight: 80 kg
Climbing angle: 12-15 Degrees
Tire size: 16" x 3"
Dimensions: 187 x 52 x 115cm
Deluxe tool kit with Tire patch kit
Ebike plate
Bottle holder
Phone holder
Seat Height 75 cm (29")
Torque 32-55 Nm







"After getting my Vienna Rocket, I haven't spent a dime on gas!!" - David (Ajax)

Riding Safety

Always wear a helmet and obey the rules of the road. Be sure to safety inspect your vehicle before each use.